Basingstoke Design Agency

Morbean is a small, friendly Basingstoke design agency. Run by husband and wife, Mark (me) and Lee Alesbury, it is surely a recipe for marital disaster as well as beautiful website designs, creative branding and the design and supply of all marketing materials.

Located in an office in Basingstoke town centre shared with other website designers, graphic designers and marketing professionals, we collectively have the ability to create and deliver any design and marketing materials you might require. We do a great job and having all done our time up in London, we offer London agency skills and experience for small, provincial design agency fees.


Local website design projects we have undertaken include; LG Motion, Basingstoke Rugby Club, Basingstoke Live and Basingstoke Festival websites.

Basingstoke manufacturing website designers    rugby club Basingstoke website designers    Website designer for Basingstoke Live


If you’re reading this I imagine you have visited several websites in your quest for a design agency in Basingstoke. That’s a good thing, we’re friends with most of them and they are all splendid people who are great at what they do. But if you would like to meet up with us to see if you like the cut of our jib, then please get in touch. We will bring you doughnuts to try and coerce you into using us for your design and marketing requirements. If you don’t like doughnuts we can bring you a lovely basket of fruit instead but I’ll be honest, if you’d rather fruit over baked goods, we aren’t going to get on…


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