Luxury Antiques website

Posted under Projects, Web design

One of  Mayfair’s exclusive antique dealers existing website was failing to represent their position as a high-quality luxury antiques dealer online. Morbean were asked to look into how we could better represent their brand online.

To enhance users experience, Morbean proposed a high-end luxury product website more in-line with luxury consumers brands and other retailers occupying London’s exclusive Mayfair.

A much more intuitive website navigation was created through product image-led navigation and prioritisation of the ‘search’ facility. This along with a cleaner, premium website design helped to create the high-end luxury brand website they desired.

Other features included situation photography of key products to allow users to identify how some of these exclusive products could work with their lifestyle – this was key in attracting newer, youthful buyers, the integration of a news/blog facility to show where their antiques have been used in film and advertising and featuring renown interior designers writing about utilising classic furniture in modern interiors (again, instrumental in attracting new, younger collectors), a timeline of English antique furniture and finally a section for renowned company owner to elaborate on the companies history and internal news giving the brand an approachable, yet informed face.