Marketing campaign for business training company

Kaplan Hawksmere Direct Mail

With Kaplan’s buy-out of Hawksmere, Morbean were brought in to introduce the new [combined] brand to the market, displaying an invigorated company that has roots, but is also now something even better.

In the past the provider of professional training and education, had earned a dubious reputation for sending out torrents of direct mail that was un-engaging and did not reflect the quality of there service offerings.

Morbean designed an engaging, response-driven, 3 part direct mail campaign

Identifying the new brand’s strengths as being its more formal approach to lectures, with specially designed ‘learning centres’ that served ‘brain food’ and decent branded coffee rather than hotel stew, with a full service approach to training with pre and post-training support. The resulting direct mail campaign highlighted a differentiation in the market place, conveying confidence in the product.

Measurable campaign results

The direct mail prompted recipients to register their interest in discounted courses on a campaign page set up on their existing website thus enabling Kaplan Hawksmere to measure the success of their campaign. Each direct mail piece was followed up by a supporting html email to re-enforcing the message and once again prompt recipients to register on the campaign page.

Over 350% rise in response rate

With a process in place to more accurately measure the success of the campaign it was estimated that the three part direct mail and supporting email campaign set up by Morbean yielded an estimated 350% rise in response rate.