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Tiff Chittenden, a World Champion kart racer and international sportscar racing driver was gaining notoriety and success both on and off the track but had no marketing support to help her progress her career further through engagement with potential sponsors or fans. Her existing website was technologically dated, unattractive and had no means by which Tiff could update the content.


As a sports personality brand development was key

After being introduced to Tiff, Morbean identified that there was great potential for Tiff to develop her own personal brand to help gain the crucial sponsorship she required to compete in the sport that she loved. Tiff’s skills as a driver are plain to see from her racing credentials but in addition to that she has an endearing personality and a vast knowledge of motoring and motorsport. Added to that, a rapidly growing network of thousands of followers provides some genuinely exciting possibilities for potential sponsors.


The website needed to engage with fans and attract sponsors

As a privateer racing driver, Tiff has to raise large sums of money in order to compete so the budget for the project was tight. As such, careful planning was required to ensure that Morbean delivered the best platform for Tiff to showcase her talents. Part of the process was making Tiff aware that her own personal brand was something she had the opportunity to form and steer to her advantage. The website needed to be Tiff’s platform to develop this brand, to engage with her fans and to attract the sponsors that will help her achieve her goal of racing in the next Le Mans 24 Hours.

The technology chosen for the site was deliberately picked to work for the client. Tiff needed a site which could provide her the platform to initially engage with her loyal fan base, but also to increase this and to reach out and attract potential sponsors.


Personal brand development included a logo, typographic styling and photography

Part of the project was to create a visual language that would run throughout the website and any other communications in the future. This included a logo, typographic styling and graphic elements used on the site and even a bespoke photoshoot that represented Tiff as glamorous and sophisticated as well as a focussed and competitive racing driver. These shots put emphasis on her skills as a driver unlike shoots that had been done in the past. This was essential in aligning her with the kind of brands that associate themselves with motosport.

A bespoke CMS platform was created in Symfony allowing control over all content and not just the blog. This functionality means Tiff can offer sponsors promotional space on her site with carousel images and linked offer pages and she is able to change incentives for newsletter sign up – essential in helping Tiff to build a valuable database of followers.

The launch of Tiff’s website coincided with a campaign to incentivise her fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook to sign up for her newsletter on her website for the opportunity to win track instruction with her. In the first week alone the site had 1700 visits and over 150 newsletter subscriptions. The response to the launch of her site was overwhelmingly positive;


“I was aware from a design point of view that I had been in need of a new website for a few years now but I had no realisation about web strategy and how the thinking and development around my site could actually affect my personal goals and ambitions. Working with Morbean on the creation of my new site, they have helped me to realise the benefits of a carefully planned, well executed website for growing my profile in both the Motorsport and Media arenas.

My new site is beautifully creative and strikingly different to any other websites of Racing Drivers out there today. It is creating a lot of buzz for me, which is so important when trying to create a brand as we are.

I have not only had positive feedback from fans and followers but have also been contacted by some large brands, including Abarth and Mercedes, about future projects. Even showing the site when it was still in testing enabled me to make contact with the BBC, which resulted in me working as a trackside reporter as part of the BBC 5 Live coverage team at this years’ British Grand Prix.

I am in no doubt that this website will continue to aid me going forward in my industry and it is down to Morbean that I am confident that all my web content and design will be the best it can be.”

Tiff Chittenden