Tamiya model car decals

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I think this is probably just a ‘graphic designer’ thing, but the sheet of decals Tamiya supply you with to adorn their model cars with would look nice in a frame on your wall (if you like that kind of thing…).

I stumbled across this after my wife brought me a Tamiya Boomerang last year for my birthday. Alright! I know. Too old, waste of money rah rah rah! But I’ve wanted one since I was a kid and it seems my wife is a softer touch than my folks who, through their irritatingly accurate gift of foresight, predicted hundreds of pounds of toy car being assembled badly, driven into a wall and condemned to the top of a cupboard to gather dust. Booo!

All was not lost though, at the bottom of the surprisingly large box of colourful lumps of plastic and tiny metal thingies, rested a sheet of decals. Neatly and symmetrically arranged on to a single page the collection of beautifully designed logos, stripes and numbers created a layout that I couldn’t bring myself to disrupt (and not just because you had to cut the bastards out with a scalpel).

Perhaps it was the mixture of typography, the retro automotive branding and styling or perhaps the layout of  all of these elements together to create one large design piece that inspired me to look into these almost accidentally designed layouts for further inspiration. This lead me to these examples of ‘vintage’ Tamiya decals. They are available to purchase from The Tamiya Club.

Tamiya Decals - Wild Willy

Tamiya ‘Wild Willy’ decals



Tamiya B2B Racing Sidecar decals



Tamiya Ford Ranger XLT decals


Tamiya Decals Special Racing Buggies

Tamiya Special Racing Buggies decals