Intranet design for Stannah Management Services

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Stannah Management Services had migrated it’s intranet and hosted desktop environment to open source enterprise portal, Liferay. This powerful system allowed control of users workspaces, file sharing and browsing as well as providing a platform for their corporate intranet.

A more intuitive and engaging user interface was required
Although the IT capabilities within the organisation were of a high standard, the client was looking to enhance the standard Liferay user interface to create a more intuitive and engaging environment inline with the groups new brand guidelines.

The new intranet design was clean, simple and enabled users to keep up-to-date with internal and industry related news, to communicate with colleagues (other stuff?) and even buy and sell through an organisational ‘classifieds’ section. On the back of this project Morbean was then appointed to overhaul their hosted desktop environment.

Separate ‘working’ and ‘social’ interfaces
Both the intranet and desktop environments needed to be on brand and have a familiarity for the user whilst being easily distinguishable as either ‘working’ or ‘social’ portals as operators can toggle between the two.

Where the intranet had a very casual but informative feel taking inspiration from information sharing websites with blog or news sections, the working environment was more formal taking cues for the design and functionality from hosted services like Google Apps, example, example